Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minutes of meeting using the correct verb tense and format

Confirmation of minutes (2/2004)  The minutes of the last meeting (2/2004) were noted and approved as true record of the meeting with minor amendments on the numbering.Proposer: Mr Muzayin AlimonSeconder: Prof Madya Dr Wan Fuad Wan Hassan 4.      Matters arising 4.1       Item 4.1           Representatives from electronic manufacturers Prof Madya Dr Luay expressed that USM has a compiled list of the manufacturers. Dr Luay will email to secretary this list for onward actions.(Action: Prof Madya Dr Luay) 4.2       Item 5.2           MS 866 – Specification for barytes used in oil-well drilling & ISO 13500: 1998 Secretary reported that ‘ISO 13500: 1998 Petroleum and natural gas industries – Drilling fluids materials – Specifications and tests’ has been forwarded to ISC H on Petroleum and Gas. Member will be informed of the ISC H decision as soon as they had their next meeting, which is scheduled on late August/ early September.
(Action: Secretary)

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