Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minutes of meeting using correct verb tense and format

Action to be taken by
Confirmation of Minutes (2/2009)
The minutes of the last meeting (2/2009) were noted and approve as true record of the meeting with minor amendments on the numbering.

The minutes were then approved as true record by Mr Muzayin Alimon and seconded by Prof. Madya Dr Wan Fuad Wan Hassan.

Matter Arising

4.1 Representatives from  Electronic Manufacturers

4.2 MS866-Specification for barites
used in oil-well drilling & ISO  13500:1998  

Prof Madya Dr Luay informed that USM had a compiled list of the manufacturers. Dr Luay will email to secretary this list for onwards actions.

 Secretary reported that `ISO 13500:1998 Petroleum & natural gas industries-Drilling fluids materials-Specification & tests` have been forwarded to ISC H on petroleum and Gas. Member will be informed of the ISC H decision as soon as they had their next meeting, which was scheduled on late August/early September

Prof Madya Dr Luay


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