Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~ Effective Meeting ~

Types of meeting

1. Information sharing

2. Problem solving

3. Ritual activities

Information sharing meetings

To exchange the information in organization need a good medium to practice. When the organization become larger or the job that require to continuously duty like a shift, a meeting is necessarily to be conduct. It becomes more important to have at least a short briefing when the job or task is involves with observing, researching and monitoring jobs. So everyone will know what has been happening recently and the information will circulated effectively.

Problem Solving or decision making meetings

To solve a problems or make some decision in an organization need an ideas and review of each members. The better solution is when each member in the organization or company can sit together and take a part to give an idea on how to solve the problems. 10 head is better than 1 head! Because problem solving and decision making are the most challenging part of group activities.

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