Monday, February 7, 2011

Planning a Problem - Solving Meeting

Setting an Agenda

An agenda is a list of topics to be covered in a meeting. Agenda is a very important thing in the meeting because agenda such a guidelines to make a meeting running smoothly. A meeting without an agenda will lead to failure because no one aboard knows where it is or where it's head.

Agenda can be prepared by using several question:
  • What do we need to do in the meeting to achieve our meeting?
  • What conversations will be important to the people who attend?
  • What information will need to begin?
Besides that agenda can be search from many sources such as group leader, minutes from the previous meetings, groups members or standing items.

A complete agenda contains this information:
  • A list of the attendees.
  • The meeting's time and location.
  • Necessary background information and brief of each item.
All these details above must be present on an agenda to avoid any problems occurs in the meeting.
More possibilities can be happen if we do not put all these details such as participant will doubt about the time starting or how long the meeting will takes time or where the meeting will be done.

The overall size of the group is important. It depend to what issues that need to discuss. If the agenda includes one or more problem-solving items is keep the size of participants small so all can participate in the discussion. Make sure to identify on the agenda the people who will be attending. So, you can overlooked who ought to attend, who not attend.

Background information sometimes needed in the meeting in order to give participants new detail or to remind them of things they may have forgotten and also provide a description of the meeting's significance.

A good agenda goes beyond just listing topics and describes the goal for the discussion. Most people have at least vague idea of why they are meeting. A clear list of topics and goals will result in better-informed members and more productive, satisfying meetings.

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